IRL Time Issues

Good evening yall.

So I just got back to Infinite Flight flying. And i noticed the IRL time is messed up in game.

Its still daylight on the west coast but its already night ingame.

I played around with the time thing and it dosent seem to help. I have asked other people and they experience the same thing.

Thank you!

East coast of the US? If so, it’s nighttime there. There’s nothing wrong with your game

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The game doesn’t have hyper realistic graphics like MSFS for example, so the exact clouds or sky shades are not going to be implemented to the highest degree you would expect from xplane12 of MSFS2020

West*** sorry about that. I myself am on the east coast so i must’ve messed up

Not really talking aboit clouds at all

The west coast is dusk right now, at least under the clouds where I’m at, so it’s basically on par with the game

Ik, however when it comes to the surrounding colors you see in the sky, pollution, thin cloud layers, and other things can effect how dark it may look

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Ill gove you a example. 3pm i spawn into JFK, its sun shine outside my window. Its dark in jfl in game. I look at the time setting and the IRL time is showing its 2 in the morning.

That’s something unique to your device… I spawned into JFK today, coincidence or not, at 4pm and it showed accurate day time setting, and weather setting. So if it’s showing JFK as 2am when it’s really 3pm, just tweak the settings to your realistic desire


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