IRL Spotting pictures/tips/discussion

As My first spotting thread did great, I wanted to update it with new pictures, but as this time it’s not only a Yul spotting session, I don’t think this would fit well with the previous thread. I also thought, why not making one for every spotters instead of each one making a different thread.

The goal of this thread is to post your pictures, ask questions or for tips, or just discuss about this awesome art! Also, welcome to the people who wants to get into it! Feel free to ask anything!
(If you pass by and see some questions that you have answers too, please post them! It’s a community thread after all ;) )

Anyway, let me insert my pictures:

I hope y’all help me in this thread! Have a good day!
Julien, a yul spotter.


Hey, check out this amazing thread by @AndrewWu:


There used to be one but the mods closed it so we could all individually share our images :)

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