IRL Longest Non Stop Flights

For all you long haul aficionados and anyone else interested who try to stick to realism in your aviating … l just saw this in a tweet from Flightradar 24 …originally posted l think around 4 AM EST…my time …maybe some of you have completed these flights in the global sim since it was released …also there is a wiki link for related info !!!


Are these longest by flight time or distance?

Probably by distance. But the AKL-DOH it takes longer one way than the other due to winds.

I’ll actually be flying the return leg of this inaugural flight (UA100) in Infinite Flight later tonight. Looking forward to it!

In relation to the real world, I don’t think I could ever have the patience to stay on a plane for that lengthy period of time especially if I’m flying coach/economy class. If it were first class, however, you’d hear no complaints from me haha! 👍

Hoping to at least fly one of these flights in my lifetime though.


Yuhhh Houston getting some respect! I’ll be at IAH tomorrow to spot it’s second departure!


I think by total in flight hours… and just as an interesting note bene…l saw a tweet that replied back that
the longest time airborne (for a commercial flight) was at a total of 32 hours 9 minutes…from Perth to Ceylon (Sri Lanka today) in 1944…you can find that fact in the first history section in the Wiki link !!!


That was actually 60ish days in a Cessna

Actually the first standard Cessna model was not manufactured until the mid 1950’s… so the flight was made by a PBY Catalina…as referenced in the Wiki link below !!!

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It isn’t a recurring flight but I remember Boeing doing a 22 hour non-stop flight between two airports—the long way around.

LAX-SVO is nearly 13 hours. 12hr 50min to be exact.

There are rumors that Singapore Airlines will do WSSS to KJFK.

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Anything other then first class I would die

Shouldn’t you be back there with Mephistopheles keeping an eye on your demon brigade !!!

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Auckland - Dubai, is the one I’m missing. Thanks for this! 👍🏼

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These flights are the longest flights by distance.

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