IRL flights in the free regions that can be done with the E190?

As per the title. I’m looking for IRL flights that can be done in the free regions with the E190. I’ve already found one, São Paulo-Curitiba in the Azul E190, are there any more routes?

Screenshot of BA Cityflyer parked at LCY after a steep approach practise to not end up ignored.

Not really sure what’s the point of this question (unless you bought the E190 when individual aircraft purchases were available), since the E190 is Pro-only. Here are the free regions, though:

The point of the question is to know if there’re routes that can be flown on the E190 on the free regions. I bought the plane when it was offered as an in-app purchase.


I know, it just doesn’t make any sense for me asking for free routes with a Pro-only aircraft, unless you’ve bought it when that was a thing, which is your case.

Look at some intra California flights.

So basically in his case it does make sense? Not sure why we need to question the validity of his question, presumably he is asking for a reason.

Anyway, since the E190 is not the most common aircraft, and really doesn’t exist at all in many of the free regions there probably aren’t a ton. I think outside of the real ones there are some that are fairly realistic, for example SFO-LAX isn’t something the E190 flies but there are a lot of RJs and single aisle planes which fly it. JetBlue seems to mostly run A320s on that, but I don’t think an E190 is like such an unreasonable thing to use. (I don’t think they have any west coast routes with E190s, but we will gloss over that lol) I think if you want more than a very small handful of routes you will need to stretch it out a little in small ways like that.


Guess I’ll have to resort on using the Azul livery, and maybe a random flight in the London region from Bournemouth to London City. Should have bought the E175 when I had the chance in the past.

Cape Town to George (FAGG) in the Airlink E190 is a possibility.

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I had completely forgotter SA was a new region. Will give it a try.

Milan to Zurich is another route on the Helvetic E190

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In the California free region, KSFO-KSBD is one with the Breeze E190

Switches with the 195 from time to time but last week it was using the 190

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Perhaps the Mission feature in 23.2 will deliver some good routes, if they exist

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