IRL flight question about my flight

Hi, I recently flew from LAX to EWR on United with 777-200 and the flight took 4 hours and 20 minutes rather than the typical 5 hours and 30 minutes. Is this close to a record?

United 415 - December 24th > 25th. Tailwinds were 100 kts to 140 kts.

EDIT: When I meant close to a record, I mean fastest commercial subsonic flight.

Was this a route you did on Infinite Flight? Or did you take this actual route?

Read title and you know…

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Flights in Infinite Flight or any simulator really are generally shorter than the actual flight. This is because of a handful of reasons, mainly because in flight simulators you fly direct, ATC doesn’t vector you adding time to your flight, also airlines inflate the airtime so there aren’t delays even if the flight takes 15 minutes longer than expected, this adds a pillow because if one flight got delayed, all of the flights for the rest of the day could be affected.

@Clouds the Concorde never flew between LAX and EWR.

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  1. Fastest subsonic flight

  2. LAX to EWR my friend 😁Concorde is fast.

Told you im all over the place today.

IRL did you read the title? I also said I rode on it, not fly.

Then this is still true if you are measuring airtime because flight time includes taxi time, and a pillow.

Also, to post in #real-world-aviation you need to be TL2.

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Airlines will often pad their flight times to accommodate small delays. (See airline block times). Plus or Minus 30 min is nothing out of the ordinary. Even a straight in approach vs going around the airport can save 15-20 minutes.

Airlines don’t cruise at M 0.85 as well. Fuel efficiency is the reason.

If you look here flight times of 4.5 hrs LAX-EWR are pretty typical

There is even one timed at 4hrs 5mins in the last week.

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I think you confused the length of the flight KEWR-KLAX with KLAX-KEWR. There’s a difference. EWR-LAX is like 5:30, while LAX-EWR is about 4:20.

Thanks every1 for answers.

Since you were on the 777, you were most likely going .85. Since it isn’t more efficient to go at higher speeds in heavies, that was probably why.

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