IRL ATC Ramp Command "Straight back Mains on"

So, I listen to ATL with LiveATC and when I bring up ramp I hear some interesting directions. Most I’ve figured out like push approved tail north/south or at a 45 degree N/S, straight back, approved engine start at gate/road guards in place, left/right side center taxi etc

but what is push approved straight back Mains on? I’m assuming it means engine start at the beginning of the push

I’ve tried googling it but a lot of other things come back in the search

This doesn’t happen at US airports as far as I’m aware. Safety issue.

“Mains” would refer to the main part of the landing gear (where all the wheels are towards the rear; not the front gear).

Well I feel silly…but I hear it often on ATL ramp

Maybe it means “mains on” the taxi line because they aren’t sure which runway they’ll be assigning yet. So it’s just a straight back without a turn?

-I’m sure someone will have the real answer though

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