Irkut MC-21

This is the same aircraft, but this is a newer request and more details

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Taken during its maiden flight on 28 May 2017

Short Intro
The Irkut MC-21 (Russian: Иркут МС-21) is a Russian single-aisle twinjet airliner, developed by the Yakovlev Design Bureau and produced by Irkut, both United Aircraft Corporation subsidiaries. The initial design started in 2006 and detailed design was ongoing in 2011, after delaying introduction from 2012 to 2020, the first MC-21-300 rolled-out on 8 June 2016 and first flew on 28 May 2017. It has a carbon fiber reinforced polymer wing and is powered by Pratt & Whitney PW1000G or Aviadvigatel PD-14 turbofans. With a capacity of 132–163 passengers in two class, up to 165–211 and up to 6,000–6,400 km (3,200–3,500 nmi) range, the standard MC-21-300 will be followed by a shortened MC-21-200. It has 205 orders as of July 2017.


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My Opinion
People say this looks like a Boeing and Airbus combined together, which I like; it shows the best of both worlds. The wings look like a 757, while the body looks more like an A321. I like this plane as it looks sleek and I can see it fitting many airline liveries and needs in the future.


Thanks to @George as I based this off his A350 request

Mhmmmm…A321…Mc-21… :)


Hmmm…interesting aircraft. Looks kinda neat but kinda strange.

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Yeah, it looks more revolutionary and doesn’t follow the traditional design “guideline”; which I like.

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The wings look like a 757, the nose looks like an A300, the engines look like a CS100, the tail looks like an A320, and the A.P.U. looks like a 767…What?

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Lol yeah, looks like a few planes photoshopped together, then produced.

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Lol from that angle, the front looks like a md11/dc10 nose…🙄

definitly not a russian bootleg

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Looks like a really nice plane