Irish Sea Raptors

Caernarfon to Dublin

Last night, @Oskapew wanted to fly a formation flight. So me, @Butter_Boi, @anon74260613, and @SamC all flew it! It was very fun! And this topic is going to be nice because we decided to all take our own screenshots and put it all in one topic.

The Flight Details

Caernarfon to Dublin
MJP27 Flight of 5

All 4 of us lining up on the runway at Caernarfon, photo by @SamC

Climbing to FL180, photo by @SamC

The sun beaming down at us, photo by @Butter_Boi

A beautiful tail shot by @Butter_Boi

As we start our decend into Dublin, @Oskapew flys over me upside down, photo by me

On final for runway 28 at Dublin, photo by me.

And we’ve landed! Photo by me.

Taxing to the ramp in a formation line, photo by @anon74260613

Still taxing to the ramp as Dublin is very busy today, photo by @anon74260613

All of us at the ramp unloading, @Marc’s Swiss chocolate candy, @AvioesEJogos’s guess the Airline and Aircraft photos, @JulianB’s Swiss A220 models, @EdCruz’s certificate for getting Grade 5, @Luke_M’s dog toys for his dog, and @TheAviationGallery’s K-POP concert tickets.

Dublin was founded by…

  • English Settlers
  • King Andrew
  • Vikings

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Special thanks to @NoahM for letting me use the quiz format.

The Answer to the last question was Pool which 35% got it right

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Ight ima head out😂.

Great photos though!


You mean the amount of tabs I have opened, right?

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Oh. I was wondering about that when I was departing Dublin yesterday. I was FRVA140.


Ohh yeeeeah we almost had a head on, sorry about that!

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Yes and that lol 😂😂

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theres clearly 5 of you though. Great photos! formation flights are always my favorites!

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Wow great topic!
What a cool title and last three pictures! Lol jk

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everyone using rwy 16/28
Nice pictures!

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Well it was an awesome flight, and I’m glad I could come fly with y’all. Awesome photos guys! And as for mine, I can’t judge them. 😂

I got the last quiz right. 😛

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Not a big fan of military aviation but the photos look great!


Thank you!

This topic strikes something within me… Dublin’s military airport is Baldonnel, EIDW is a fully civilian airport…
Good pictures though


Thank you!

We went to EIDW because there was active ATC.

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Yeah that’s what I thought.

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Thanks for the compliments everyone! It was a team effort, we all did the flight, and took photos!