Ireland region

I think an Ireland region would be popular with most people if Aer Lingus was added and it would include both Ireland & Northern Ireland with Cork, Dublin, Belfast city & Belfast international to name a few airports that could be added. Then in the future when there is bigger regions combine Ireland and the London region to make one big region.


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Hopefully Western Britain is part of it too


Yes the luck off the Irish. We have challenging airports like cork with its low visibility approach,Shannon with high crosswinds and Dublin our international hub to the world.(if global flight is added)

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Totally great region it would be

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We could have Ireland, England, Paris and Amsterdam. It would make for one big region!

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Also Isle of Man, for CityWing flights from BHD!

Airports such as Bristol/Cardiff International are big and could easily be added to the current London region as theyโ€™re fairly close to the most western side of the region

All of you are forgetting Knock Airport, built during the Cold War (and most likely funded by various militaries as a Transatlantic stopover), not forgetting the fact it has a massive runway on a plateau and it would be a great place to use the Ryanair livery๐Ÿ˜„.

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And donegal

Agree with all these suggestions! It really would not be that hard to complete as there are very few airports and airfields, compared to the U.K. What would be even cooler would be to join it onto the current London region map!

Global release in 2017 removed the need for regions.