Iraqi AIrways is NOT banned from the EU

I see many pages saying Iraqi Airways is banned from the European Union. This is NOT true. And I have proof.

The United Kingdom is part of the EU, and so is Germany. Also Bulgaria. And Sweden. And the best and least corrupt country, Denmark. Iraqi Airways fly’s to ALL of the above countries.

EU IAW Served Airports

And yes, all of these airports are served by Iraqi Airways at least once per week.
In case you didn’t know, here are the 28 counties that are a member of the EU in a list:

EU countries

AND I have more proof. I’m going to Baghdad Iraq for 1 month on vacation by myself for my 18th birthday. And since I love Iraqi Airways, I bent over backwards to make sure I get to fly them to AND from Baghdad. So I could experience British airways first class, I chose British airways to fly from KBOS to EGLL. And I would take Transit to EGKK, an Iraqi Airways served airport. I booked the flight, and it was legit. I do not have a screenshot of the actual booking, but i do have a screenshot of the flight information i took just now of what the flight info looks like.

AND i have MORE proof! On the HORRIBLY PUT TOGETHER but THE ONLY LEGIT Iraqi Airways website, you can see ALL the airports listed above in the “From” drop-down box.

Also, I know people will call me out for this, and yes, you can clearly see Austria is listed on the “From” drop-down box (not shown in picture, but can be seen in the from box because i selected it) and that country on the list of EU members, but Vienna airport is listed as a Terminated destination on the Iraqi Airways destinations Wikipedia page, and all search attempts to find flights to and from Vienna turned up empty handed.

Feel free to see from yourself at

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According to the websites of the EU and all media it is but as you said just a quick search if even the flight number shows there have been lots of flights in and out of the UK, must just be bad administration thanks to the EU as was the case with Turkmenistan. The CAA have to follow whatever the EASA say.


Ooof, to be fair i find it discriminant for the EU say an airlines is banned even though its not.

I wonder what others are listed as “Banned”

I mean like TAAG Angola, who are banned from the EU, but have a flight to Lisbon, this May just be a partial restriction.

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I’m not sure. It’s a very wierd concept, and I think Iraqi Airways is one of the best airlines. They have not had a single crash or fatality in over 30 years

Could be for political reasons also.

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Yes, not to go too much on politics, but EU countries are quite ok with the US, but Iraq is not, and I doubt the US would be ok with them having free flights to the EU.

Sorry to go on the political side

Iraq is alliances with the US. And Sabbam Husain is dead, so I don’t know what the problem is

The US isn’t EU, two different places.


Actually I’ve heard relationships between Iraq and US are great.

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Am I confusing them with Iran?

But the US is very close to some of the countries in the EU

Anyway, I’ll leave this topic since I don’t want to get flagged

Quick search - The Sweds banned Iraqi Airways from their airspace for not meeting safety standards required to fly within the EU

Then they also were not allowed into the EU for Failure to secure a Third Country Operators certificate (TCO) from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)

The flights that are going into the EU are contracted by AirExplore, which is a Slova charter airline


But that Sweden, not the entire EU

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Here you go.


Here’s an article on carriers that aren’t allowed to operate in the EU in 2017. Then it talks about those who are on Annex B which covers airlines which are restricted to operating only certain aircraft within the EU.


They definitely fly in and out of Gatwick here in the UK (captured this humming over the house a while back). We are in the EU (just about) but that last part is a bit of a touchy subject round here nowadays :-)

Iraqi Airways is definitely banned from flying in EU airspace with the exception that they are permitted to exercise traffic rights by using wet-leased aircraft of an air carrier which is not subject to an operating ban, provided that the relevant safety standards are complied with.

That’s probably the case with your picture @Helmethead.

There you go:

Source: Link

@RotorGuy also provided more links earlier for you 😊


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