Iraqi Airways flight plans

Do Iraqi Airways pilots file flight plans? None of the flights for Iraqi Airways on Flight Aware have Flight Plans. Example is Iraqi 947. It has no flight plan.

I am sure they do but since flightaware does not cover that airspace, it will not show

Which website will show its flight plans?

I am not sure.You could always simbrief the route… They usually have accurate flight plans

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I’m pretty sure commercial pilots have to file a flight plan regardless.

FlightAware is only useful for finding FPLs of North American flights.


where can I view the flight plan?

Probably flight aware, some companies don’t like to publish their flight plans publically

To get somewhat close you can use and file your own flight plan to make it look similar.

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SimBrief is your best bet as Ryan said. I use that when doing international flights in IF (and cannot find the FPL from flightaware). It’s actually pretty accurate.


Flightaware does not publish the FPLs of flights that do not originate or end in the Americas. Flights in Europe used to be but there was a change with where EU flights file their flight plans. This change happened about a year ago.

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