Iraqi Airways Boeing 777-200LR

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So a little while ago, I was delving into some of the more obscure liveries that IF had put in. I had found Iraqi Airways on the CRJ-900 and was aware of their long haul network. I knew that flying Generic isn't always the most fun thing to do, why not have a little go on their beautiful livery on their 777?

Now, sources are quite ambiguous as to what the state of their only 777 is, many of them have conflicting answers as to whether or not it is in service. Jetphotos on one hand says that it is currently stored in Victorville, CA (KVCV) whilst others say that it’s in active service. Either way, it flies (or has flown) for part of Iraqi’s long haul network.

Their 777 flies to a few destinations from their hub in Baghdad to Guangzhou (surprisingly), Kuala Lumpur, Frankfurt, and Istanbul, to name a few, bringing Iraq to the world for once.


YI-AQZ Was delivered to Iraqi Airways in December of 2012 as a filler for their long haul network, making it one of the few operators of the not-so-popular variant.

About Iraqi Airways:

About the 777 family:

What do you all think?

WOAH! that… is… BEAUTIFUL! did they update their livery? bc i don’t recognize that one


I don’t know. It’s quite identical to the CRJ-900. Although it has flown in practically a generic livery with a small Iraqi Airways branding. It was repainted in DWC after having damages fixed in VCV. I do agree that it’s very beautiful now :^)


Since 77L don’t have many liveries, it will be a nice addition to a small number of liveries on 77L


True. There aren’t many left that are missing. I only know Azerbaijan Airlines, Etihad, and this are missing.

Don’t forget Equitorial Guinea 77L


That looks cool. I would’ve probably used CEIBA anyway :^)

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Just a little bump. This livery is beautiful!

Amazing work!

Great job @Tsumia!

Yes the aircraft is in active service, considering I’m an iraqi person I have seen it fly over my home recently on its rout to Tianjin (ZBTJ) from Basrah (ORMM).

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Hopefully this could come if the 77L would be reworked around 20.3

Wow, this looks so beautiful😍 Voted, hopefully they add it in the 200LR rework

Just noticed Iraqi Airways in the preview!!

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Great news! Best livery from this update if you ask me, I can finally remove my vote.

We can finally fly this livery Guangzhou and Moscow :D

Oh was it this livery that got confirmed?

I thought that was Turkmenistan Airways that we already have??

It got in


Confirmed. Thanks all! This is a house fave amongst the team