Iraqi Airways B747-400

Can someone please add in Iraqi Airways to the Boeing 747-400 in Infinite flight? It has a capacity of 412 passengers because it has business class, which will alter the original aircraft capacity. Economy has a capacity of 338. Business class has capacity of 47.

I want to make a Virtual airline for Iraqi Airways and I need all the planes in order to create all the routes. Also, I feel like that Iraqi Airways should have more than 1 type of aircraft so people can have more variety. This is the second airplane I will request.

Image of Iraqi Airways Boeing 747-400 tail YI-ASA

Image from flickr by Axel J.

You gotta explain more than “just for creating it for a Virtual Airline”


Ok thanks for the recommendation

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Wow, that livery looks really good on the 744!

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Most VAs have some planes that they have to use generic liveries on. Don’t be held back by the abcense of a livery.

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I have to agree with @Yacht you shouldn’t be waiting to get all the liveries, who knows when they will come! It might be next year and by then someone might havebtaken the Iraqi airways VA! You should hurry and get it and later on can wait for the liveries.

The website is awaiting approval

Thanks! I’ll remember that.

It’s a shame no one replied to this thread in two years, this livery really looks good on the 747.

Sadly I’m out of votes, so I’m bumping this.