Iranian Government Airbus A321-200

In Iran, there are more than one Governmental aircraft. One of the smallest of these is the Airbus A321-200.
She definitely looks amazing! That gradient on the tail just makes it so gorgeous!

Photo credits: website


Wow that gradient is really cool.

I usually hate gradients, but this one is cool. :-)

Looked modern! I like it šŸ˜Š

The Gradient is so sick!

That thing on the nose šŸ˜¬. Other than that, looks good!

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Hate the nose. Looks disgusting.


what is the nose part of the livery

atleast the tail looks decent

Not sure if Iā€™m liking the blue nose ā€¦

Have to agree with you on this @Narroc_Wim hate the nose. Kinda throws the paint scheme off

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Cool! What other aircraft do they have?

Looks more like a commercial airline livery, but very nice.

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The nose is just SO UGLY. Ewwwww othwer tha that the rest of the livery looks amazing!

Not exactly sure but I know they have the A340-300