IranAir IR684, OTHH (Doha Hammad) -OISL (Lar)

As the Dubai event was going on today and Qatar was really busy as well, I took advantage of the Active ATC at Hamad to fly a couple of short-haul routes. I flew from Saudi Arabia to Qatar once and did some other 1 hour ish hops in the region. As I was looking through the “Airlines and Destinations” section for Hamad in Wikipedia, I noticed that IranAir flies a route between Doha and Lar, a small city in Iran with a population of only 62,000; making it probably one of, if not the smallest city served from Doha. I have no clue why this route exists and how it even makes sense to connect two cities like this, but nevertheless I decided to fly it.

Sadly, the only IranAir plane in IF is their now-retired 747-200, too big for Lar’s tiny airport and unrealistic for a 40-minute route which likely has very few passengers. IRL, IranAir uses their A319s to fly this route, and therefore that’s what I went it. While there is no A319 lranAir livery in-game, Photoshop can fix that; so here are some photos I took:

Taxiing while an Etihad A321 takes off headed for Abu Dhabi

Cruising at FL270 above the Persian Gulf

Parked at Lar. The ramp is so small that it can barely fit two A32Xs.


the livery looks so real! they need to add iranair into if though

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That’s a clean looking edit, however unfortunately these aren’t allowed per category guidelines:

Since when did we have an Iranair A319?

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It’s an edit - and a good one too.


Dead serious, I didn’t know this was an edit.


Me all excited finding the livery and realized it was edited 🤦‍♂️, anyway, great pics!

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@Butter575 😉