Iran shoots down US $176 Million RQ-4 Drone

Yes. Obviously Iran alone cannot take up the USA but they have allies, who will not sit idly by doing nothing.

Well you should also point out Russia and China may side with Iran.

Well the problem that currently stands is, who will risk their country and their soldiers to ally with America?

Honestly if we ever did get into a war with them which I hope never happens. We would easily beat them without ease…

The UK would for starters. And Iran’s allies won’t help why? Because they weren’t attacked for no reason, they have continuously made threats and been responsible for attack’s on civilians and military assets while developing nuclear weapons.

I don’t see the US allies necessarily putting boots on the ground but air strikes and other war efforts would likely be assisted with


Iran is much harder to defeat. It’s not like Iraq where there aren’t any mountains or guerilla forces. Plus, Iran has learnt from the mistakes of Iraq. I really hope another $3 trillion war doesn’t happen…

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It’s hard to tell, we’ll have to see what Russian and Chinese intelligence says about it and not blindly believe everything the US says, that’s just arrogant

Again, Russia will say things to protect their own interests. Venezuela for example. China won’t involve themselves in any conflict only in Asia.

And it comes back to the point i trust the US far more than Russia a state that does not even allow basic freedoms

However I highly doubt there will ever be a war.

Not that the US do that at all right? As for the US they don’t allow trans people to be in the military something I believe is a basic right for developed countries like the US.

Definitely I agree with you about not wanting another war. But personally if a war ever did happen I think the USA would win. I mean, were talking about arguably the most powerful country in the world.

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Also note that orders were in place to attack Iran however trump backed out.


Yes, I do think we can resolve differences and not let this go to war

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That’s not relevant at all. That’s related to the costs involved and the drug rules. I’m referring to Russia being essentially a dictatorship, not being killed for being a member of the opposing ruling president, pumping out propaganda etc.

Allies of the US stand by them anyway, likely because they have shared classified inteligence proving everything, of course we won’t see it but the UK stands by the US anyway at this point and I gather France and Germany will also

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The US would’ve gotten their ass kicked against China and Russia

So WHY was my comment on Iran deleted in a seperate on topic post moderators? This topic gets to stay open but if I make a blurred out comment about flying to Iran it gets closes.

Please…do enlighten me.

Overall, I think Iran is a dangerous threat and we just need to watch out and proceed things with caution. Trump just needs to watch his back with them…


It would win if it used all its might on Iran (except Nuclear) and an external country like China or one of the NATO countries didn’t intervene. But America also lost in Vietnam so it’s not like it would be a cakewalk. Iran has over 100 million people too! It would take years probably.

Iran is just way too far away and too mountaneous.


Guys this isn’t an American-only forum, let’s not talk about “destroying” other countries out of respect for fellow community members who may have ties to said country, thanks :)


Sorry about that… Totally forgot…

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