Iran shoots down US $176 Million RQ-4 Drone

News came out less than 24 hours ago but it doesn’t seem like the Infinite Flight community has caught up quite yet.

The location of the drone has become a key point of contention since the incident. Iran maintains that the US aircraft was downed in Iranian territory, with Foreign Minister Javad Zarif tweeting a timeline of the incident later on Thursday. “At 00:14 US drone took off from UAE in stealth mode & violated Iranian airspace. It was targeted at 04:05 at the coordinates (25°59’43"N 57°02’25"E) near Kouh-e Mobarak,” he wrote.

The United States countered with its own coordinates, suggesting that the drone had been flying in international airspace when it was shot down, at a point about nine nautical miles southwest of that cited by Iran.

US Central Command, which oversees military operations in the Middle East, added further detail in a statement Thursday, describing the downed drone as a RQ-4A Global Hawk High-Altitude, Long, Endurance (HALE) Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS).

The head of the Revolutionary Guard Corps, Maj. Gen. Hossein Salami, said the shooting down of the drone had sent a warning to the US. “We are ready for war”, they say.

As a result of the uprising tensions between Iran-US, airlines have started suspending flights that fly through Iran airspace. Airlines are canceling or re-routing flights near Iran after drone was shot down.

Qantas have rerouted flights between Australia and London while United Airlines have cancelled flights between Newark - Mumbai.


It’s a tough case. Trump has to be careful because while I believe the US, their credibility to some has been affected since Iraq. Furthermore this argument of the pulling out from the deal, this results in people saying Trump caused this, do I agree, not as such. The deal wouldn’t have been honoured by the Iranians and it was known that they were likely, secretly not following the deal. It was the best deal they could get but it wasn’t good enough. That was a while back now though, besides Iran threatening Europe by trying to keep the deal it hasn’t worked and they continue threats and hostile behaviour. Sooner or later Trump will have no choice but to act, I think they know though that Trump acting so close to a re-election May cause problems and cause more hesitation.


I always dread for a world where everyone can coexist.


It is honestly nothing to worry about. If Iran did decide to try and retaliate against the US, they would most definitely be destroyed. When they said they are “ready for war”, they are hiding the fact that it would only Last about one day.

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You should search up “MAD”, Mutually assured destruction. I can assure No such thing will happen.

I mean what would you expect when you fly a drone over another state?

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You need to realize that the United States has the largest and most powerful military in the world. A tiny country like Iran with its minuscule army would not stand a chance. MAD does not mean anything in this case as Iran is completely harmless.

The title reminds me of a meme where 100000000$ fighter shoots 10000$ bomb at 100$ tent

Iran is not capable of attacking the US and “win” so MAD isn’t realistic for this scenario.

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You sure about that? I’m pretty pretty sure that they just shot down a UAV and are already claiming they shot down another.

See this is exactly the issue. You would rather believe Iran over the US, I know which I would trust more.

What? If you managed to analyze the sentence you should understand that any state would’ve shot down another state’s drone if it were in its airspace. Wouldn’t you shoot it down if Iran came with one to the US?

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@Eiknixsis @Alex_Kyte

You do know who the allies of Iran are right?

Syria, Iraq, china, turkey, Palestine, Lebanon, Pakistan, russia, Yemen, Venezuela.

Some of Those countries do not have “miniscule armies”.
A war with Iraq will simply lead to another world war which either side cannot risk. Which is where MAD , mutually assured destruction comes into play.

I’m not saying we should go to war (again) I’m saying that if a drone came, most likely armed, why would you not shoot it down? As you say Iran has strong allies both in the region and internationally with China and Russia which is why they probably did it in the first place.

Lebanon is not Iran’s ally. Hezbollah in Lebanon is.

Comment was mainly based to Alex. Only tagged you to show how MAD would come into play. 👍

Yes but Iran, by its own, against the US, on its own would not result in MAD. I didn’t take account for the different allies.

Iran is the main backer of Lebanese government and Lebanese Hezbollah.

I thought that the drone was flying in “International Airspace”. But Iran Claimed that it was in their airspace. Its a very tough situation as both countries claim differently…

International waters it was claimed - by the US. You choose to believe that Iranians who claim that it was in their airspace.

And @Hamza.N I don’t think any of their allies would step in at all. Not Russia, definitely not. If anything it could be even worse against them with NATO helping the US