Iran Plane Crash

Hey guys, Some very sad news to hear, There has been another plane crash, In Iran. It is still developing, but here is some news articles. It is reported it was a 707 crash with 15 crew members on board. Sad start to the new year. Prayers go out the to family involved. The thread will be updated if anything new comes in.

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Sad see us lose another 707


Far out this is crazy literally was just saying few hours ago on a article showing air Iran’s last 727 flight that I would not wanna fly any of Iran’s old planes with situation with the embargo’s.

Horrible disaster thoughts with the victims and familes.


Very sad to see indeed. I read an article that said the pilot accidentally landed at the wrong airport.

I’m interested to see what comes to light when this story develops

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Very sad.

Can’t believe 707s are still flying, those are getting real old.

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Ton of old aircraft still fly all over!


Prayers for all involved and I hope we don’t see many crashes this year.


Yeah me too, this is the first major plane crash in 2019 .

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More News: It seems to be that a flight engineer on the flight has survived the crash and 15 others are deceased. They are now saying it skidded off the runway meaning it landed but overshot the runway. The news article will be in the original post.


Oh man… prayers out to the affected families. Also rip 707.

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This is bad. If 2018 was already fulfilled with many crashes and deaths, then I don’t even want to know what will occur this year. Prayers to all victims and their families 🙏


Let’s not see another 2018. Hope to see 2019 as a safe and great year for aviation

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Seeing us lose another 707 is quite sad. R.I.P those people who died. I used to love watching 707’s fly over my house, until they stopped. Now we only have 767-300’s and Embraer E170’s. And some others. I just want to see another 707 fly over my house.


Really sad news and not a good way to start off 2019. It was sadly a matter of time until something like this happened in Iran. They need some newer aircraft, but can’t get them because of the sanctions. Terrible to see that politics affects the lives of people this much. Praying for the families of the victims and the one survivor.


Not speculation, but I have seen reports saying it might’ve landed at the wrong airport.

That is not good. Let’s hope that 2019 is not bad in terms of accidents. As of now, it’s not looking good.


#2 More News: More news has come in over night. News articles are saying it skidded off a runway in poor weather, crashing into a residential area. It was trying o land at Fath airport in Karaj when it overshot the runway. It is now confirmed that there were 16 people on board but only a Flight Engineer survived the crash. No one on the ground was killed. Some news articles now say that the black box has been found. New news article can be found above.

rest in piece your :(

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Reports show that the plane landed at the wrong airport with a runway much too short for a 707 to land on. It overran the runway leaving a sole survivor. Adding to the very small club of people who are sole survivors of plane crashes.

The aircraft EC-CPP will not be repaired and has been written off. ASN Aircraft accident Boeing 707-3J9C EP-CPP Fat'h Airport
And due to sanctions on Iran, they will likely not be able to buy a 707 to replace this one.

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