Iran Aseman Airlines lands potential order for 20 MRJs

This is the MRJ (Mitsubishi Regional Jet) and Iran Aseman Airlines has shown intrest in it. This is one of the few non-flag carrier airlines in iran that orders a plane (Before Mahan Air’s A346s and Zagros Air’s ERJ-190). And IAA is one of the most important and famous airlines in the I.R.I and some of their routes are suit for this jet (Such as SYZ-KIH and SYZ-DXB)


Tell me that doesn’t look like a eJet with buffed engines


Mitsubishi, please just stick to heat pumps for now.

They make cars and trains too, the Mitsubishi group has interests in many industries.

They built a fighter jet in the late 90’s I think. The Mitsubishi F-1

That looks suspiciously like an Embraer E-Jet!


this is really good news for the MRJ development

they are japanese and anything japanese is super tough

And the F-2. It looks like a F-16

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That nose though … I could stab someone with it.

This is awesome! Terrific to see the MRJ-90 bag more orders

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