Iran Aseman Airlines Fokker F100 "Chamran Grand Hotel" livery-my review

For the first time, I flew on a special livery plane. Well the livery is not so special, as you can see here:

But still, it is a special livery. But the interior is not so different than other IAA F100s. The plane is old but clean. The interior is a bit rusty-looking from the inside (because of the very orange lights onboard probably). The cooling is not the best cooling ever and I was quite dehydrated after a lot of hesitation because of the need to switch airports fastly and the water was not cold. The catering was good and warm though. The takeoff and landings were TEXTBOOK and I didn’t even feel the landing at SYZ. But we had some delays at THR because many planes were in hold-short position of the runway. Even though I was in the front of the plane (row 6) the engines were still loud. But I definitely enjoyed the A320 in the SYZ-THR route more than the F-100 in this one (THR-SYZ). Overally, 3 star rating.


3 out of 5 or 10?

Out of 5.``

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