Iran Aseman Airlines Boeing 737-400

Iran Aseman Airlines or Aseman (Persian: هواپیمایی آسمان‎‎) is an airline based in Tehran, Iran, operating scheduled domestic and international flights, as well as charter and air taxi services.
You can read more about IAA (Iran Aseman Airlines) here:

Now, part of the IAA fleet is the Boeing 737-400 and their livery looks absolutely gorgeous on her 😍!

I definitely want this if the 737 Classic gets added to Infinite Flight!

Image credit:
Mehrad Watson, 20th January 2016, Tehran Mehrabad Airport,


Never heard of that airline but it’s a nice livery!

What a beauty, love it so much! Thanks @AsianaIFVA for all the extra info, appreciate it a lot

No problem @Louis. I just wanted to request it as it looks really nice.

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Nice looking livery , i would just like to the see the 737-400 straight out !