Iran Airliner overshoots runway

What do you guys think of this? According to the article - the pilot landed the aircraft too late down the runway and therefore couldn’t stop in time.

My question:


Personally, I think the pilot should listen to this song:

Video Credit: Revista InterXtra Aviación
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Cracks finger
What if breaks failed, what if they were beyond the point of not being able gain enough air speed to go airborne again, what if the controls failed?
There is a ton of reasons why something like this could of happened. Don’t blame the pilot for something we do not know about until their aircraft accident team makes an official report.


Mhmm kind of old news

From the pinned topic.

Aviation Incidents
As it is an unfortunate truth that there are many small aviation incidences on a daily basis. We ask that you refrain from posting about these on the forum. This is due to the volume of topics we would otherwise get that would clog up the forum and dilute productive discussion of other topics.

This falls under that category I believe

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