Iran Air new aircraft deliveries tracking thread

This thread is to track Iran Air’s orders and deliveries from western aircraft manufacturers. If a mod or regular would turn it to a wiki that would be appreciated.
Here are the current orders and deliveries:

#Airbus Industrie
Airbus A320ceo
Currently operated: 6
Deliveries: 0
On order: 6

Airbus A320neo
Currently operated: 0
Deliveries: 0
On order: 32

Airbus A321ceo
Currently operated: 1
Deliveries: 1
On order: 7

Airbus A330-200
Currently operated: 2
Deliveries: 2
On order: 8

Airbus A330-900neo
Currently operated: 0
Deliveries: 0
On order: 28

Airbus A350-1000
Currently operated: 0
Deliveries: 0
On order: 16


ATR 72-600
Currently operated: 0
Delivered: 0
Ordered: 20 (+20 options)

#Boeing Aircraft

Boeing 737 MAX-8
Currently operated: 0
Delivered: 0
On order: 50

Boeing 777-300ER
Currently operated: 0
Delivered: 0
On order: 15

Boeing 777-9
Currently operated: 0
Delivered: 0
On order: 15

Feel free to add any new ones. Also reply any ones and I will add it.


It’s great to see Iran Air getting their deliveries, but is this thread necessary?

You make a thread for BAs deliveries, Air Canadas Deliveries etc.

Just saying


I just see these topics as a way to get attention and likes.

@Lamborghini_Life Also we can’t add information since you can’t make it a Wiki, which only Reuglars and things above have access to.

So I recommend changing the last line.


I think its helpful and meets my eyes pleasing…

How is it helpful, may you explain? A quick google gets the same job done.

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But this has all those google searches in one place ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).


So does Wikipedia :-)


Hey, that’s fine. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion!


And it is defunct btw

No A320ceo has been delivered, yet 6 are operating?

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A-350-1000?… another airbus mystery…

Why??.. It’s nothing new…

Well, it’s 1000, so that’s new

No it’s not. It has been announced I don’t know how many years ago…


Nope… There not in use yet! Not even delivered!

Predicted end of 2 Quarter

Can’t wait to see the deleveries one by one

Have they taken out a loan or just simply expanding?

You see this the kind of unnecessary stuff that clogs up the forum…

I thought they cancelled the A380 order?

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Im not positive but I think its a loan from the Iranian Government…