Iran Air fleet orders

Since the sanctions against Iran are no more and also all the freezed money is available again, Iran Air has finally gotten the possibility to replace it’s really really old fleet of aircraft. Iran offers an aviation market as big as germany specialists say and so Iran has started to come back with an order of many many Airbus planes and the plan to become a competitior to other gulf airlines. Here is the current order list:
45 A320 (maybe even up to 90 A320family planes)
? A321
40 A330
20 A340
16 A350-900
8 A380
40 ATR
A bunch if CRJ

This orders are about worth 20 billion $.

The airline is also interested in B737s and B777s or Regional aircraft like the CS100. It is estimated Iran will irder up to 300-500 planes in total.


Wow, another growing competitor it looks like.

I flew on them once while visiting relatives in Iran. VERY old fleet (Airbus A300). But now, I know that they can finally replace their horrid aircraft.

They are exaggerating with aircraft orders in my eyes. But hey, what else is a state owned airline gonna do? Are people from the west really gonna fly with IR?

20 A340s is music to my ears


Looks so nice (manipulated)


I don’t know. It looks kinda wrong.


I kinda like it


I’m not sure westerns will be rushing to climb on their planes right away but this a great start for Iran to get back into travel world.

I’d think westerners would like to get on direct flights to Tehran, whether they have family there or want an exotic vacation. Tehran has some tourism appeal and there are many folks in the USA with family members, I would be surprised if their planes weren’t moderately packed to nearly full, especially flying to JFK and LAX. I can only speak for the USA though but I can imagine there are many Iranians in Europe too

You’re pretty optimistic about the whole thing. I wish all the best to Iran Air. I’m not to sure people will be flocking to Tehran for tourism right away. The good thing is access to Iran or to the west from Iran is now less restrictive. Better opportunity for commerce, tourism and business.

LH has been flying A346 to IKA for several years now

They are going to order A380s??? :o

The majority of my mom’s family lives in Esfahan, a city about 5 hours south of Tehran via car. I always fly through Dubai when going to visit. Might take the direct flight. But will miss flying the Emirates A380

Iran has sone a380s on order ;).
Not guarantees rhough

But it’s not the same…

I wonder what route they run it on?
And I wonder when the FAA will clear or authorize their arrival into US airports.

On the high-traffic tourism and Iranian diaspora locations. NYC and LAX are hot targets so they could possibly handle the A380. London comes to mind too.

That or it’s the ego issue again -rolls eyes-

Or code share with other carrier for broader US market and expand routes into the Asian market. Just a thought.
The FAA hasn’t been known to be very expeditious with authorizing flights into the US. When it does happen I’m sure Iran Air will start with non stop to JFK.

We shall see. I’m glad they’ll finally get a chance to update their airline and upgrade the countries aviation industry.