Iran Air Boeing orders

Just today, Iran air ordered 100+ Boeing Jets. And with that old fleet of rusty 747SP, 742 and A300, These new jets will be an large overhaul.
By the way. Someone said that the 74S and 742 are retired. WRONG. Iran Air still operates the 742 and is the only current commercial operator of the 74S. But those jets are soon gonna fall apart. If Iran Air did not order the new jets, I.R.I’s flag career was soon gonna be bankrupt. That DEFO is not good news for Iranians like me.


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Well, I.R’s oil sales have skyrocketed after lifting the economic sanctions. That is probably were the money is coming from.

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Which are the ordered models?

well, Iran air and boeing have not revealed their orders

I remember flying on an Iran Air A300(?) from Dubai to Isfahan in 2008. It was so old. I can’t wait to see what their new Airbus A380s will look like.



Oddly plain…

(From this Time forward is the petrol very cheap in Germany. And that’s good !
… and the “Saudis” make a silly face ! Besides oil they have nothing to sell. Sand ?
Free market economy !)

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Correct sir. Correct

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