Iran Air Boeing 747SP EP-IAC

Iran Air Boeing 747SP-86 EP-IAC

first flight 1977-5-16
Delivered Iran Air 1977-5-27
Last flight 2018-5-23

This airplane has long been known by the nickname of fars. But in 2004 a tragedy occurred. I landed an emergency landing at Beijing Airport without front wheels. Fortunately no injuries came. He repaired the front wheels and went back to Tehran but he was left unattended at the airport without flying. But in 2010 I received a large scale inspection and came back to the sky! ! This airplane is very old, but it is also an airplane loved by air fans all over the world. And one day 747 SP for passengers only became him … And on June 11, 2016 retired with IR815 KUL-IKA About two years later IKA-THR was the last flight for him on May 23, 2018. He gave up the power he had left behind and went home. Now he is resting his wings with Meherabad airport. I love this plane. So I want you to return to the sky again with infinite flight! ! Please.

It was extremely sad. I got a dream from this plane. So, I’d like to skip Iran Air 747SP reg EP-IAC again with infinite flight‼︎

Hey there! Nice request. However, please limit the photos to only one.

Also perhaps you could add just some more background information and why the livery stands out.

In my opinion, though, the 747SP with the Iran Air livery looks beautiful in a simplistic way😉

Hi there!

Only 1 photo can be accepted!

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sorry…I will becareful

It’s ok, we all make mistakes :)

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Thank you very much.

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Because have sofia 747SP, I think that it can be done immediately if only painting is changed.

The SOFIA has a system that opens a telescope. I don’t think it would be very realistic if a passenger aircraft had its side opened in which revealed a telescope.

It is unlikely that the 747SP will be made, right?

I really want to maneuver

It will likely be included with the 747 rework.

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Which you can vote for here!

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thank you very much

I’m happy

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thank you I voted.

No problem, but neither can infinite flight or I confirm that it will come with the rework. but the best option is to vote, which you have done.

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I think so.

May our staff reach our feelings😊