Iran Air Airbus A319

Airbus A319 - Iran Air livery

Hello everyone !
As I thought about the current situation in IF, the IFATC schedules and stuff, I noticed that we really don’t any Iranian livery (exception: 747-200). This is I’m requesting the Iran Air livery for the A319.
It would also be cool to have Iran featured as a hub in the IFATC schedule once.
Why I chose the A319 and not the A320 ? I don’t know I like both but now it’s time for the A319 :)
Feel free to create one for the A320 or maybe I’ll create it in the future.


Note: This has nothing to do with political views or something. I know there are some problems with Iran but apart from this, Iran is a very beautiful country !
Make sure to vote for this livery if you want to fly iit sometime in Infinite Flight :)

Thanks for visiting this feature request !

Really nice livery would love to see it in IF. You have my vote.


I like the 320 livery more
Because i love the sharklet


I really love their A321 livery and the 319 is no different. I don’t know, something about the colors make it appealing to me

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Thanks for 3 votes :)

Dang! That livery is gorgeous! You have my vote! ;)

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I think this livery looks pretty good :)


Hope to see this in 20.2.
Maybe they add some new liveries to the A320 family due to the engine rework !

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Oof, this had fives or six votes in the past, now it only had one vote.

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I know. Unfortunately, they all removed their votes.

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For probably voting for a Southwest or Frontier one.

Out of likes.


Maybe with 20.2, we could finally fly a more modern Iran Air aircraft.

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Time for some more Iranian liveries !

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Ten char?