Iran Air A300

I think we should add the Iran Air A300.


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Can someone move this to Features?


As an Iranian myself I fully support this.

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Great idea, but the A300 is not in the game yet. Look forward to it though.

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We can’t really request multiple liveries at once, so he really doesn’t have a choice.

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I don’t see the problem with making the livery request before the plane exists in the game. It’s not like they make the plane and then add liveries. If we don’t make requests early, some of our favorites might not be in the game even.


No winglets?

It’s an A300. They never had winglets (as far as I’ve seen).

They do have winglets

They have wingtip fences, as I’ve seen.

Apparently I haven’t seen enough A300’s then.

EDIT: Apparently this specific A300 had no wingtip fences at the time of this photo.

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Only the A300-600 has the wingtip fence

This should be a -600, according to the website anyway.

They still have -b2 and -b4 s which does not have any tip of wing tips

I think that there are more important things to get into the game.

The 787 is already being worked on, if that’s what you mean.


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