Certainly not a region with a lot of airports (only one I think which is CYFB, Iqaluit airport), but definitely a region with a lot of potential. This area has a lot of interesting and fun terrain to play with. Oh, and this is the place where Airbus tested the A350 for cold weather. :),-68.5389353,385m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x0000000000000000:0xd062402790514ef3!6m1!1e1


A special Canadian region eh

Little boring IMO, won’t be too popular

Interesting… I like and support this

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I spose it could work but let Infinit eg ive us a few more regions off America

There are a lot of regions in America. I want to see more regions outside of America. :)


Highly agree mate, it’s not all about America 😂

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The only region in Asia is Singapore/kuala lumpur region.

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Sorry for the spell check, Can’t reedit.

Tasmania is also a aircraft testing location for mountainous areas.

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The whole island can be a region.

Completely yes it also could join up the Victorian southern coast ( Melbourne).

Sorry for being off topic

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Just make a new topic.

victoria and Tasmanian topic

Just been found, there is a topic already.

The Canadian North is an interesting place, I would like to see complex weather systems being developed first, then the region will reach its full potential.

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