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International Professional Pilots

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About us!

You’re probably wondering what our group is all about, so let us explain; International Professional Pilots (or IPP for short, cause who doesn’t love an acronym?) is a group of aviation enthusiasts who simply cannot get enough of the Infinite Flight Skies!

Founded in December 2017 and with members from all around the globe, we pride ourselves on being welcoming and friendly to anyone who wishes to join the family. And we mean family - our members are all supportive of each other and are always happy to help out where they can! We encourage a somewhat professional attitude most of the time. There’s always room for a bit of a laugh, so no need to worry about us being a super serious group! So there’s a couple of reasons for you to join. Let us give you a few more


Why Join us? !

IPP was founded with the intention of bringing pilots and air traffic controllers together in a fun environment - this is still visible today and is a big part of who we are. Arguably the best part of being a member of IPP is just that: being a member of IPP. As mentioned above, we really are just one big happy virtual family, only one made up aviation nuts! Our members include real world commercial and private pilots, plane spotters, pilots under training and everything in-between. So should you need advice on something aviation related, help is never far away. We also hold a group event every weekend

The internationality of our members means someone is always chatting away in our group chat. Group chat? That’s right! We communicate via Slack




• Grade 3 or higher
• Be able to use IPP on your display name in Infinite flight at all time
• Low violations count

So what are you waiting for? Join us now!

32b4e98789ebf16b8c243baa0202b22d7fff70d8 We are IFVARB Approved

[FINISHED] Big Australia Day Fly-Out @ YSSY - 262200ZJAN19
IPP First Anniversary @ RJBB - 011200ZDEC18

Proud to be a member of this amazing group😁


Great looking thread! Love how so many of the same aircraft are lined up in those pictures!


Nice group, and well organized thread 😊


You guys should probably add the website you do your communications on so everyone knows 😄

Other than that nice clean thread well done


Nice thread proud be there


join us, for real!


@Captain_Zen I saw you requested somewhere about that you like to have a picture of airport file with swiss air so here is a Picture with Swiss air for you above on thread ☝🏼☝🏼☝🏼


Looking good…


Wow this actually looks pretty good (makes me want to get IF back)


Our latest event; The great Austrian adventure


Our latest event 10/11/18 : Now Everyone Can Fly


Our latest event 17/11/18 : Explore the roof of the world


Our latest event 04/12/18 : IPP 1st anniversary


Our latest event 08/12/18 : Winter in Toronto


yep as soon as I get my new tablet I’ll try to join :)


Our latest event 15/12/18 : A10 Formation Flight


Our latest event 22/12/18 : 🎄Christmas in Rome🎄


Our latest event 05/01/19 : IPP&AIVA Collaboration Event


Our latest event 19/01/19 : British Heavy