IPP | Official Thread | 2nd Anniversary

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Hello, I’m Jonathan Limento Founder and CEO at IPP. It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the International Professional Pilots. Here in IPP, we always try to set our standard to the highest possible. The professionalism of our pilots, who go through their dedication and activity, continuously make our virtual organization goes forward. We are not just a virtual organization, we are a family! We strive to maintain a professional environment at all time, but most importantly, we aim to provide our pilots with the best and fun experience possible! On behalf of the entire staff in IPP, we look forward to seeing you in the team!

You’re probably wondering what our group is all about, so let us explain,

Founded in December 2017 and with members from all around the globe, we pride ourselves on being welcoming and friendly to anyone who wishes to join the family. And we mean family - our members are all supportive of each other and are always happy to help out where they can! We encourage a somewhat professional attitude most of the time. There’s always room for a bit of a laugh, so no need to worry about us being a super serious group! We have our own Flight school to prepare our new members for our huge events. Speaking of them, our events are held every weekend at various locations around the world. You often see a huge amount of attendees on our events, furthermore we also partner up with other VAs or VOs to create the best experience you can possibly have!

There are plenty of Virtual Organization to choose from. Finding one could be difficult. So here’s a couple reason why should you join us.

IPP was founded with the intention of bringing pilots and air traffic controllers together in a fun environment - this is still visible today and is a big part of who we are. Arguably the best part of being a member of IPP is just that: being a member of IPP. As mentioned above, we really are just one big happy virtual family, only one made up aviation nuts!

We have over 100 active members from around the world. Our members include real world commercial and private pilots, plane spotters, IFATC, IFAET, pilots under training and everything in-between. So should you need advice on something aviation related, help is never far away!

At IPP, we have chosen and put together the best staff team. We work with a dedicated and passionate team who always go out to help anyone in need.

Meet our Staff

@- | Founder

@- | Pilot Supervisor

@- | Pilot Manager

@- | Pilot Manager

@ | Senior Pilot

Our Flight School Staff include IFATC, Pilot in training, and anywhere in between! They will assist and help you on the way to become IPP Pilot.

Our Flight School Staff

@DaniCP | Trainer

@Nidhish_Kataria | Trainer

@TaipeiGuru | Trainer

@MaxMann | Trainer

@AarkonTV | Tester

Something we pride ourselves on is our weekly events! You may have seen massive flights on our event! On every our event we always use Standard Instrument Departure / Standard Terminal Arrival Route charts to show professionalism and realism to the greatest extent possible for the best experience!

- Grade 3 or higher

- Able to use IPP on your display name in Infinite flight at all time

- Have active Infinite Flight Pro subcription

- Have access to Slack app

The internationality of our members means someone is always chatting away in our group chat. Group chat? That’s right! We communicate via Slack! It’s where our team goes to chat and fly, plan events and many other things.

What is Slack?

Slack is an all-purpose communications platform and collaboration hub with instant-messaging, voice, and a whole suite of other sharing tools to help groups share information and communicate.

Every journey begins with the first step. Once you’ve submitted the Application form, it will be reviewed by our recruiters. If you passed, you will be added to our Flight School Slack.

Step two, practical test. You will fly with our Trainer in a controlled airport. They will look out carefully to your ATC usage, pushback, taxi, takeoff, landing, lights usage.

Step three, written test. The Trainer will give you the written test via DM. You will have to reach at least 80% on the score to be able to pass the test. If you failed, you may re-take the test in 3 days.

Is there more after that? Nope! You’ve made it. You have now begun your journey in IPP!

So what are you waiting for?
Join us now!


Awesome! Congrats on 2 years!


It’s been a pleasure to be on IPP. All of the pilots are professional and mostly IFATC’s Officer. IPP event also very interesting and sometimes we used IFATC for the event. One of the best VO in IFC. Congratulations for your 2nd Anniversary IPP!. I hope IPP is going to be better and better.


Congratulations on your second anniversary! 🎉

I’m impressed by how the VO has developed since I joined the group. Your events have a crazy amount of show ups and I can’t believe how many users are wearing the IPP initials in their display name.

Outstanding work to everyone representing IPP.


It has been a pleasure to be part of IPP. I have joined the team since around 2 years ago and now the team has grown so big compared to when I just joined the team. With interesting events which take place weekly and also interesting and fun members, together we’ve made IPP as one of the biggest VOs in the Infinite Flight Community. I’d like to thank the rest of the team and Jonathan for all they have done to make IPP a better place for it’s members. May IPP go ahead with more and more interesting events in the future! :D


Very nice thread! Congratulations on the 2nd Anniversary! It’s such a honor to be in this amazing VO.


IPP has been an absolutely fantastic VO. I made so many friends. I highly recommend joining it!
Congratulations to all members for the 2nd. anniversary!!


New thread on point 😍


The people of all IPP is very nice and friendly , the group is like a big family , they can help you for everything , we can talk in several languages , anyway , just join IPP 🎉.
Congratulations @Jonathan_limento for two years


Thanks for IPP’s two years of company


Nice VO!
Congratulation to IPP🎉✈️


congrats on second anniversary to start,
This has been by the the best VO I have been in, I highly reconmmend to join this VO. It is highly active and the weekly events are amazing to be honest and not to forget @Jonathan_limento puts in a lot of effort to be able to manage such a big organisation, it is honestly an amazing VO


Happy 2nd Anniversary to IPP. It’s such a honor to be in this VO. Good luck IPP in the future.

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I’m very proud being a member on this amazing VO! Happy 2nd Anniversary!

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Congratulations on the 2nd Anniversary! It’s such a honor to be in this fantastic VO

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yeay !now I have been a member of IPP for 2 years and have a position I am very happy to be there and proud to be an active member 😁🤙


I submitted my application yesterday but I still haven’t received an answer. How will I know if I have passed the application (which I’m 99% sure I passed)?

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A staff member will get back to you shortly. Hold tight; hope to see you in IPP soon!


Will they contact me via PM or via email?


For me, it was via email. Not sure if we’ve changed the procedure, but I think email is what you should keep an eye on.