iPod 7th gen, IF 23.3 : UI font or box sizes problems

iPod 7th UI needs some little adjustments :

HUD left group of boxes misplaced, looks like the space is very thin…
You can see that the text in the bottom boxes are way to big.

Weight page : Unable to read values next to the text (left box)

FPL box is a bit too large (font too big)

Sincerely, the old font (including minimal caps text) was better, at least on the small iPod touch 7th screen.

Device: iPod 9,1 (7th gen)
Operating system: iOS 17

PS : I know it’s a very small device, but it’s really practical for travelling IRL while flying in IF. Half of my flights are done when I’m not home ^^

By the way, thanks IF devs for this incredible update, as always! Infinite fantastic work !

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That’s something one haven’t read in a while.

I think what @Cameron mentioned earlier about the iPhone SE applies in your case too :)


Haha yes ! @Cameron saw my iPod live where we were at the ZRH community meet-up, he was amazed that I am playing IF in such a small device, and took the photo of the weight screen bug (but part of numbers were more visible) in order to maybe get some UI improvements :)

Of course, I’ve made this topic to let you know that 23.3 made the thing worse ^^

Still able to fly really nicely, that’s the most important and enjoyable thing ^^


Facing the same issue in my iPhone 7 plus. Please help us soon by fixing this.

Thank you!

iPhone 7 Plus have a fairly large display, so it’s not that you’re using a zoomed iOS?

Go to Settings → Display on your device. In the bottom you have “Display zoom”. Check what it says there.

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Yes, you’re right. Am using the zoomed option. Just now changed to standard, it solved the overlapping. Thanks a lot for your help!

and one more doubt like before 23.3 I was using the zoomed option and the UI in IF was worked good but now why do I want to change the standard one to use the app without overlapping? Is this going to apply for every other iOS applications in future?

Hello! That’s great to hear.

The reason for this is so the app can automatically adapt to the screen size when any changes are made. In the past - it’s something that manually needed to be adjusted from our end if something changed on the iOS / Android side as well as when new devices were released. The intention here is to provide less friction and wait time for you as a user.

It’s not perfect yet and some devices still need “special settings”, but it’s something that we will keep working on.

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Great! I understand now. once again thanks for clearing the doubt.

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