iPod 5th Gen screen issue

Sure can do.

I’m just always amazed at your ability to use the oldest technology available for the most advanced Mobile simulator 😘😘

This is part of the problem the user is experiencing.
The app think it’s an iPad, and size everything accordingly…

Now you know how it would look to fit iPad stuff on an iPod…

Now let Cam do his job ;)

Parents dont buy it for me. Ship me over a android tablet, be happy to use it 😀

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Sure I will, just send me your real address, and I’ll send you over some quality Android devices that you’ll never experience any issues with 😈😈😘

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and here I was thinking my iPod touch 6th gen was old.

I’ll just go back to the lounge now.

Not at all haha, I always feel embarassed when I say I fly on one.

Thanks for the report - this is related to other iPod issues and will be solved in a future hotfix