iPod 5th Gen screen issue

After todays hotfix I still have a problem with all the buttons being too big and not fitting on my screen.

What device are you on?

iPod Touch 5th Generation

The fix from today was not for the iPod’s.

Are you sure you’re on 5th though, we are aware of the issue with 6th gen but haven’t heard anything about 5th.


Yes Sir, been running 5th gen since 2014. Never stopped.

It awes my virtual airline it still runs very smoothly.

Could you post a picture of the About page in Infinite Flight? Thanks!


Sure thing give me a few moments.

It says iPad6 in the top left? Should I be worried about that.

Why are you saying iPod then?

Cause I am using an ipod

No, you’re using iPad, I think. It says it on the top left

Even if it says iPad 6 on the top left corner?

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Thats an ipod not an ipad

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Alrighty then… thanks for that!


Perhaps your Device isn’t recognised by the simulator as being an iPod… Is there even an iPad 6 out?

Also @Ameru187 please provide more information into your support topics K thx 😘

Also to everyone else, if he says he’s using an iPod, he’s using an iPod!


Thanks! If you tap on the email button there, could you send a screenshot of the contents to me in a PM and I will investigate further?


Im sorry im not technical like you Kirito 😂 but thanks for your help. Even if you dont like apple haha.

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