iPod 4G - old IF version

You can download an old IF version if you have iOS 6.1.3 !



I have it but it lags way to much.


I have the 4G, I might get it!

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And look at that screen! Anti-aliasing doesn’t seem to work on it either.

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@grxninesix Advice : Keep it on your IPod and don’t delete it ! After a few years wen IF will be to another generation (#IF4aNewGeneration), you will be happy to see what was before !

Sadly, when there is a big change, the human forget a lot of before;-)

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Does this mean I can get my space shuttle back?


Probably yes !

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Yes!! Surely!!!

The real question is… can it run live?

Does it even have rhe update with live?

True Ima try to get my iPod touch 1g up. It’s jailbroken maybe IF knockoff is there 😂😂

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No live…

Totally messed my landing


I have this!

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What about the spitfire & 747 missions?


I was so good at the space shuttle landings. I miss those days!

Don’t get me wrong I love the 787 wing flex also ;)


Wait those aircraft had missions too? I should’ve investigated that version when I had it :-(

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They did and you had to make sure there wasn’t too much gforce when landing.

Ugh I should’ve looked harder when I had it :-( But I did like the space shuttle mission although there wasn’t much to do after a while (maybe a mission landing in Mars?). Now I really want them back… Why were they scrapped? Didn’t match the new theme of Infinite Flight? It’s still related to flight after all…

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Its probably rhe last version before Live release