Iphone7 graphic Setting

Hi everyone~! I’ m a person who use iphone7. i’ ve usually graphic high setting, Sometime my screen has been slow. so… i d like to know how do i graphic setting for smooth play? Please recommend graphic setting

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Hello and welcome to the community. Here are the settings for the iPhone 7 that are recommended from the Device Compatibility Topic:


I wish I knew smh

Okay thank you for recommend. :)

Check your battery in the settings app. I have a iPhone 7 as well, and my battery is starting to dwindle. If this is happening to you, it might be affecting your phone’s performance.

Welcome to the community!

I use an iPhone 7 and have a sluggish frame-rate now and then - whilst it’s not a frequent issue I sometimes just clear the scenery cache and restart the device to clear the RAM, particularly before joining a busy airport with a high airplane count

Also, just a quick note… that if you have ‘automatic low power mode’ enabled in the app settings this does have the effect of reducing the frame rate when there are no screen touches for a while, but will clear itself as soon as you touch the screen again and take it out of power save mode

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