IPhone XS or IPhone 11 for better performance to play Infinite Flight?

Hello guys, i still haven’t decision to buy dvice for Infinite Flight, i have 2 options between iPhone XS or iPhone 11. Does anyone here have experience with it? Which better?

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Newer devices have better performance, but it’s top notch Iphones so you will have the privilege to max out all settings on both of them

I have used both iPhone XS and iPhone 11 on Infinite Flight with settings all on high and had no issues with it.

I would say to get the 11 since it is newer and performs faster. Both are as good though!

This thread may help too:

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I’m an Apple specialist, so I’ll tell you that the 11 will be better for IF. Bigger screen, better chip. But will run on Max settings on both.

And I agree with that


Both are amazing for IF but iPhone 11 has the best specs. However, iPhone XS will feel more of a premium phone compared to the 11 and it’s only a year older than it. I would suggest you at least wait for the iPhone 12 to be announced next month so you can get the XS/11 for cheaper. Wait two months.


I use iphone 11 it does get hot when you use max setting, but if you use lowest then its ice cold

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oh yeah I want to ask, using the Iphone Xs does the battery get drained quickly?

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Apple is releasing the iPhone 12 with an OLED display and 5G soon. The OLED (which the XS has) makes the screen brighter and crisper, but the 12 will last longer and have better performance. Get that phone or get the 11 discounted then.

I have an iPhone 11 and it can run Infinite Flight at full settings with not a single problem.

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Simply wait for the next phone, it’s 2 months away most likely.

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