iPhone XS Max screen bug still remaining after 18.5

First of, thanks for the update. The TBM is awesome. Will have some nice flights with it!
After updating to 18.5 I loaded the tbm and noticed this:

The menu itself is fixed but the HUD is still weirdly cropped…


Do you notice this on any other aircraft? Maybe you can contact a mod and they can send this to a DEV. Any word on this @Chris_S or @Levet?

Let me check…


Yeah got the same problem with other aircraft.


Can anyone else with an XS report this issue too?


It is the same with me, although I have an iPod touch 6 g.

For future reference, the moderators are always overseeing #support topics, don’t tag Mods/Developers unless you absolutely have to.

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Did a poll on my insta 9 minutes ago. 10 people report the same issue.


@Swiss, I don’t think anyone else has an XS Max.

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I do have an X and have the issue though. ;|


There are a few people who have the XS MAX, including Developers. If people using Apple are having this issue, I guess some more work will have to be done for iPhone users.

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Seems like many iphone x/s/max users are having the issue. We‘ll need to wait for a statement by the devs or something then.


But I have an iPod touch and it doesn’t work.

Please send a screenshot of the UI issues you are having with your iPod to better assist developers. Thanks

I think it’s anyone with a notch

Hi there!

Do you have a secondary device to snap a few pictures of this just to couple with your picture in the initial post?

Sure. Just a second…


Here. Aircraft: Cessna 172 and airbus a321-200.

Nope, have a regular X and it works fine.

Its been like this on the iPhone X as well, for a while now(cropped Attitude indicator). This should really be fixed soon .