iPhone XS MAX Overheat Problem

Hello ! Just bought a new subscription and I tried to fly on the new 777 , but everytime , my phone just starts overheating .
I also encountered a problem at my device brightness .
After 10-15m of playing , my brightness just turns into another shade , and whenever I try to raise it , it just stays blocked like that .
Any tips ?
Thanks in advance !

What are your graphics settings? If you keep them too high then your phone could overheat, and also turn on “limit frame rate” @Gaby_Burnei

That’s odd, on highest setting I never had an issue with my xs max. SHouldnt be graphics issue

I have never had this experience on my iPad which is what I use to play IF, and I keep all settings on max and I turn off “limit frame rate”

I use an xr and run medium graphics to prevent heating, I also keep my phone on the darkest it is, I find that my phone is hot during ascent and decent, but once your cruising it’s fine. I also run limit frame rate

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Is the device actually giving you an overheat warning? Infinite Flight is pretty intensive and phones like all computers can generate a decent amount of heat when worked hard, and since there so small the only way to cool them is to dissipate that heat though the back of the phone. If the device isn’t actually giving you an overheat warning it should manage the heat on its own to stay at a safe level. Things like turning down brightness and graphics, as well as turning on battery saver can help with this though.

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Also, if you are running apps in the background that could cause some overheating issues!

I also experience device heating up during my flights. What I usually do is.

  • Lower down my brightness.
  • Turn On Battery saver in the Infinite Flight settings. (Limits the frame rate when unattended).
  • Lower down the graphics.
  • Turn off anti aliasing.
  • Plug out my charger from my device when busy using the app.

Maybe these settings will help. The processor will always heat up slowly. Lowering graphics is not very necessary but can help.

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Your lighting could turn another shade because of “true tone”. True tone is setting that can be turned through the Apple settings menu or through control center. True tone adjusts the lighting on your phone to match your surroundings. This helpful when your eyes need to adjust to the brightness of your phone when transitioning from a darker area to a brighter area.

Had True Tone enabled since I bought the phone , and never encountered such problem before 20.1

Could it be night mode coming on automatically? I guess that too wouldn’t be tied to IF, but it’s another setting that could have gotten bumped. I don’t really see any good reason why IF should be causing any screen color problems…

Actually what’s probably happening is that this new update is the first one that’s really pushing your phone real hard. Don’t get me wrong, previous ones would push it, but this might be the first one making it sprint. Given how insanely fast phone processors are and how well optimized IF is this doesn’t seem all that unlikely. I know this would happen on the iPhone X so it would make sense that the XS would do this too, the X would under heavy sustained loads dim the screen sum what considerably to preserve battery life, and reduce heat. Apparently there may have been some problems with the phone not being able to deliver enough power to run the processor and screen at full till at the same time too, but that was never confirmed. Either way, I think all that’s happened is that 20.1 is giving your processor a proper workout, so it’s having to cut back on the screen and getting a little warmer than your used to. That at least explains both your problems well. Heat is something the phone constantly monitors for and will adjust the amount of power it uses in the processor and screen to keep it down, so as part of this you may notice things like screen brightness diming. I’m no computer engineer, but as an enthusiast I’d say that seems like a rational explanation…

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It’s not a color problem.
iOS automatically does this on any device when it’s getting warm. Lowers the brightness to 50% or less sometimes and locks it there until it cools down.

Regarding the heat - not an unexpected result. I have the same device, and any performance demanding application will result in the same behavior from the device after a certain amount of time. There’s no danger though, there’s a lot of safeguards in place to prevent damage.

I would guess you’re running with Limit Frame Rate turned off too. It’s generally fine for a while, but it will drastically increase the heat.

Best option is to have that off for the active parts of the flights, then turn it back on. Additionally - remove any covers you may have as they will stop the heat from dissipate from the device and cause even more heat.


Ya, that’s what I figured once I thought about it, I think the shade part and the previous comment about True Tone threw me into why a screen would change color, but brightness is definitely what it is…

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I use an iPad and it’s happening to me as well

I have that issue with my iPad pls reply if u find a fix

@Pedrocr @Conor_Carpenter - there is no “fix” besides what i replied above.


Right now , i’m just flying a short-haul flight , and what I observed , is that as soon as the ‘Low Power Mode’ kicks in , the phone starts to cool down .

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Tried the other things too , and didn’t helped me that much a difference .

It probably doesn’t work because it is the MAX.

Jk I have no idea why

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