iPhone XR Visual Bug

It appears there is a visual bug with the iPhone XR, where the network status “green check mark” appears behind the systems button. The negative side effect of this visual bug is that when trying to press the systems button, the network statuses appear instead.

I think a restart of the device could fix this. Could you try that? If that does not work could you reinstall the app?

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Just tried that, issue persists

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Might be as they have fixed the Xs and Max but the Xr has not been mentioned in a support request yet (I believe)

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What does it register your device as on the IF settings?

Where would I find that info?

Go to the “About” tab on the homepage of the app and take a screenshot of that page. Thanks :)


I have also let a beta tester know who has the same device to try and reproduce this.


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Probably the same issue that the xs(max) had back when it came out. Is it only on your device or is it a general issue? Is there anyone else reporting this?


Did you try the reinstall definitely?

Oh shoot.
You fix one thing with Apples new resolutions and another one appears.

We’ll have a look at it. Sorry about this!


Yes I wondered about this because my dad recently bought an XR and I tried IF on his phone and the format was well…a little unexpected…

If infinite flight gets to see this, I’m hoping they fix for v18.6

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Same problem here, using the XR and it’s having this bug, can’t really click some buttons

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