iPhone XR screen size.

Hiya all. I have just purchased and iPhone XR and have gone to do my first flight and the controls are disappearing to the top of the screen. I cannot see my N1 percentage due to the shape of the phone and was wondering if there is a fix? Thanks


Visit this thread for an answer
As this issue has been resolved in this topic provided in the link


I have an iPhone XR and it works just fine

Yes I do to, and at first it did not work but after the update of the tbm I think, it worked

Also Running Normal But On iPhone XS Max

For the time being, you can add the N1% to your bottom hud bar.

Here is the fix for you!

Click on: “settings”

Go to: “display and brightness”*

Click on: “View” at the very bottom

Choose: ”Standard” And tap on: ”Set”

You should be all set!


Thanks! This has worked

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