iPhone XR Performance Questions

Hey Guys!

So I was wondering how my new XR would handle Infinite Flight. I would like to here from you guys about it. Is it good for Live Streaming? Recording videos? Thanks, have a Happy New Year!

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hey there. Check this out and find the iPhone your using !

Made life easier and found it for you !

Im on an iPhone 7 and that runs infinite flight like a beast and can stream straight from the device and have no issues. I also record and edit my vids on my phone but moving over to Mac now but I had no issue at all. If my iPhone 7 can run like a beast I can’t imagine how good yours will be!


Thanks for linking those topics, but I still have some questions that rerequire some more “personalized responses” like how it streams and records.

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Is this your first iPhone ? as you can use the inbuilt screen recorder in an iPhone which will not effect at all preformance

No, my second, phone, and my 5th apple device, so I’m pretty familiar with the recording feature. Any other streaming apps you recommend that wouldn’t affect the performance of IF?

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Vidih is a great streaming app. It cost 4.99 but it also records the voices from other apps not just the current apps which many others don’t

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