iPhone XR issue

Hello IFC! I recently just got my new phone, the iPhone XR. I am having trouble with some things on the screen where it makes it look like it’s zoomed in. I can’t see the N1 in the top left, so I have to put it in the bottom, when I click the zoom in/out on the mini map, it clicks on the VS, when I click the check mark for connection etc, it’s presses the systems tab. Does anyone know how to fix it? Or is it not compatible with this phone yet?

Here is a picture of what talking about.image


Hi there, I have the Xr as well but my screen doesn’t look like yours. What build are you on?

I’m assuming this is similar?

One thing to check also is to click on about and see what device the app identifies in the top left corner.

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I have an XS which is very similar to the Xr and mine definitely doesn’t look like that

It’s all good on mine @Joseph007 :)

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Different screen sizes, one could have sizing issues and one not.

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I don’t know. I just received this iPhone and haven’t gone over anything.

Okay, can you go in the about section and screenshot the build and device info for us?

Is the build the version of the phone? or does it specifically say build?

It’s in the Infinite Flight app, when you click on About it will display your device in the upper left and the Infinite Flight build elsewhere. I believe we got this all sorted out in beta testing of build 18.6.

Hmmm, okay. Do us a favor, close IF and reboot your device and then spawn in again. Let us know if anything changed. If not go ahead and delete Infinite Flight and do a fresh install.

ok, I will do that.

I just got the XR on Thursday and I don’t have that issue.

Ok, just rebooted my phone, didn’t work. I will delete and re-install it.

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that’s weird.

Okay, I’m not sure why this error is occurring for you but I’m hoping a reinstall solves it. Here’s my screen:


Are you on the latest IOS firmware in addition to being on the 18.6?

yep! I updated it yesterday.