iPhone XR Behavior on IF

Hello community, I want to clear a question with anyone who has an iPhone: does the iPhone XR run the new IF version (21.6) well? And about the battery, how does it behave when playing the IF? Tell me there please!

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I have a iPhone 12 Pro Max. Idk a lot of XS. For me the battery is okay. It don’t take a lot of battery when I play

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If I could buy an iPhone 12 pro Max, I would buy it, because here in Brazil it’s been there for more than 10,000 (10,000)


I used to use my XR for infinite flight. It worked pretty well (this was before 3D buildings). The battery got me a decent amount of play time. At least enough for my commutes etc…

I think if you were to get it, do not get it for infinite flight, but if you get it, it will work well. One thing to note is that it did get really hot at times.


I use an iPhone XR now and then running iOS 14.8 and its perfectly stable and looks awesome on latest build running high settings

Not really tested battery drain but easily gets me through a few hours + with heavy traffic/3D airports etc

You shouldn’t have any issues at all and a really good experience


I have heard the new iPhone SE is really good with IF if your looking for a budget device.

The XR shouldn’t have any problem with IF still aslong as you don’t overdo it.

This thread should help show you how the devices can run Infinite Flight:

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