iPhone X

Today is the day some of you might finally get your hands on the new iPhone X. This device made some significant changes that might cause some issues with Infinite Flight. Unfortunately, we haven’t had a chance to test on this device just yet.

We should be able to get our hands on a device over the weekend and we will address any potential issues asap.

As always, we thank you for your patience and support.


Oh boy, the iPhone X. I’m assuming it will run IF flawlessly.

On another note, there were 200+ people lined up and in camping tents outside of the Apple Store on 5th Avenue in NYC… it’s insane. I wonder how much rent those people were paying. :)


Maybe Apple users will finaly feel the game like Androids ones ;)


Actually, i just got my new IPhoneX, as you can see the first time I got it I instantly download IF, I only have one problem, the engine slider to reduce and increase power is… Somewhat blocked, it’s a bit annoying but it’s fine, whenever I try to change the time the game crashes, but those are the only problems I have found actually.


Really lets just nip the impending Apple vs Android debate in the butt right here.


I agree, I say the mods close it now because it is inevitable.


Wow, @Auzzi, that phone really looks cool! That throttle does seem to be a significant problem. You can’t invert the screen the other way around?

Oh… I see, didn’t know you can do that on IPhones…

The problem is going to be the same with the buttons on the right


I can’t access the virgin austrila livery… or anything underneath it… Same goes for other planes.

I’m not sure. I asked you you whether you can. If so, you can at least make those flap settings on the right so you can handle the throttle while you’re doing a manual landing. But again, that seems a bit tough though to adjust flaps.

Oh boy, would that be requiring a modification in the interface then?

VS, A/P, Trim, and flaps are blocked by the notch.

Meh, it’s just the same thing…

Please don’t get heated over me now

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A lot of newer devices usually need to have some things changed, the iPad 10.5 inch Pro had some issues. I’m sure it will be fixed soon


Yeah, I’m just too interested in this because I’m really thinking of selling my current Sony to go for iPhone X in a month or so.

I’m sure it’s a great decision once you overcome the cost of it. @Auzzi Enjoy your new phone :)


What a shame, wanna trade for my perfectly working version of IF on my 6S Plus 😉

In Europe, the IPhone X costs 1159 euros. Absolutely insane.


Everything seems to be running fine now, the only problem now is the notch, but I’m sure the devs will figure this out.

Ok great once your done can you send it to me 😂😂😭