iPhone X, Xmax, Xs or XR

Hey all, tomorrow I will be being a new phone since my current one (iPhone 6) doesn’t be work anymore. Anyway I was just wondering since I only use my phone for IF, FR24 and texting, which would be better and what is the difference to a non-tech person?
Oh and I’ve read the capability thread and they were almost the same description so please don’t link it.

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IPhone 11 Pro Max would be the absolute best but the Xr is also a great choice! I have one


I don’t think they’re much different besides name, to be honest. I’d go with whatever your bank account can handle.


Rightio, yeah I can’t get an 11.

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Mate I’m quite surprised you didn’t read it since your very active on here but please read my full topic before responding as I specifically said not to use that link.

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I personally would get the XR. However, there’s not much of a difference. However the XR is slightly better.

Here’s a video to help out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tn8XRL9aSc8

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XR has the A12 chip so it’s technically more powerful than the X. Battery life on the XR is fantastic from what I hear (I never had one and have an 11 Pro Max so I don’t know firsthand), but I’m not sure how it compares to the X in battery. The XR has an LCD screen which does require more power than the OLED of the X. I did have a X 2 years ago and it’s a very capable phone. I don’t think you can go wrong with either. I would probably say go with the XR since it has the better internals compared to the X (same A12 as XS series). I would say only go for the X if you think you REALLY want/need the second telephoto lens or you really want the OLED over the LCD (the OLED screen is amazing on the X, especially over the LCD in the XR, but the XR screen is still great for an LCD)

I would suggest you stay away from the XR, it has the same amount of pixels per inch as an iPhone 4, which isn’t exactly appropriate for a high price device. However, I don’t really think the IF forum is really the place to be asking for device purchase suggestions, as it’s slightly off-topic, in my opinion.

Happy new year!

@anon70772274 Hello 👋 I recommend you to buy XS , but if you only for if and things about you said , I recommend you buy a iPad Pro , more cheaper , but most advanced.

Everything’s great, but the XR is about the same price as an iPad Pro, which is a little overpriced for a “budget” phone (according to Apple). I have an iPad Pro, and it runs really smoothly (I believe, excuse me if I’m wrong).

If your budget allows it, you want to go for the iPhone 11 (not the Pro version). Because it’s newer it will be supported by Apple for longer than older devices. It’s also just as fast as the Pro iPhones too. And it’s probably cheaper than devices like the XS.

XR. X and XS have already been superseded and the 11 isn’t an option for you. XR is more affordable but just as capable.

The Xs, ax’s Max, and XR perform exactly the same, biggest difference is size, Xs is smallest, and my personal favorite size since it’s nice and manageable, the Xr is bigger, and partly due to bigger bezels since they couldn’t bend the LCD around the sides the same way they could the OLEDs on the other models, and the ax’s Max is the biggest, not imperially the best, just bigger, the Xr is factually worse, but for a non tech nerd, the difference between LCD, and OLED will be noticeable, but maybe not $300 worth it…

I’d recommend the Xr you’ll be plenty happy…

Some carriers may have the Xs, and he may be buying refurbished too…

True. But old hardware that won’t be supported for as long, and also resale value?

Ya, but it’s cheaper, and will be in support for years to come, and will still perform excellently…

Yeah but the XR is perfectly fine flagship hardware that so many tech sites and reviewers have recommended because of the value proposition.

I‘m using the Xs and I can totally recommend it. It has (in my opinion) big advantages compared to the Xr (for example an OLED screen and smaller rims). The iPhone X isn‘t available anymore (here) except you buy it from other people.

Ya, exactly my point the Xr is great, the A12 is still amazing, unless you have an A13 it’s the fastest processor out there, it’s great, unless the 11 is on the table

I use the XR and have had no problems whatsoever.