Iphone x LAG

Is it normal that my iphone x lag extremly in infinite flight online ? and with the buildings it becomes more extreme

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What’s you graphic settings?

I have some lag on my Ipad too. When I use IF on my phone, I have no lag at all. I think it’s the age, and graphics card on the device used.


Try doing a hard reset. I had the same problem on my iPhone 12 (ik you have a different phone) and then everything started running smoothly. If that doesn’t work then turn down you graphic settings to medium or low, turn off anti-aliasing, and then cap your FPS at 30. That should work.

👆 30fps setting is key for an optimal experience.

I run an iPad Pro. I noticed I was lagging pretty hard after the new update, went in to the setting and noticed that the update had forced my graphics settings back to being locked at 30 fps. If your device can handle it, I turned mine back to 60 fps and am back running at the same performance I had before.

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Everything high because i want the best resolution ! But without lags

How old is your device?

Put FPS to 30!
My iPhone XS can barely do max with 60fps
30fps is smooth

Few ways to solve this one is to turn down the object density for 3D objects also you can lower the rendering distance of other aircraft online. I have my aircraft render distance set to low for online. Or you can turn down object quality. Sometimes you’ll need to do a combination of these changes also my iPhone XR by default has a 30fps limit so you may want to set yours to 30

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