iPhone X Improvements

Thanks for the last full screen update for iPhone X! It looks great! I’m wondering if the pop ups on the notch side could come up on the right instead of the left though. The values are all under my left thumb, so I can’t see them. Thanks!

Sadly the buttons to control the AP are device dependent and cannot be moved yourself. It shouldn’t take too long to get used too though.

He is talking about the changes on the AP units showing up under the thumb. I believe it is the same problem that affects the Note 8 in this topic. Samsung Note 8 WQHD Display

While controlling on the iPhone X, the ATC commands are partially hidden under the notch. While not something that is needed to be fixed this moment, it’d be nice later on.

Thanks USA007, yes same issue as the Note 8. The left side pop ups appears on the left under your thumb so you can’t see the values. When the app detects an iPhone X, can they be moved to the right instead?

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