iPhone vs iPad for infinite flight

Quick question to everyone:

I never owned an iPad before. I’ve owned an iPod Touch 6th generation (battery drains quick) & I currently own an iPhone 8 Plus.

I’d like to please know ‘real world/hands own’ approximately which lasts longer from your personal use?

Which is longer lasting?

(Yes I know battery usage estimated times are on Apple’s website & yes I know all devices are different with different features, power save technology & battery capacity) just looking for approximately please, thank you.

The battery will drain quick on any device you use for infinite flight.

I was asking which is longer lasting? I should’ve been clearer, sorry.

iPads have bigger batteries but they also consume more power due to the screen size, I always keep brightness at a quarter of the way on my Pro to double if not triple the battery life. When it comes to IF though I use limit frame rate and low power mode and then turn my brightness down from max to the lowest setting when at cruise, it will certainly be better than a phone and it will be a much enjoyable experience with the larger device

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my iPad usally last the longest plus I like to keep use my iPhone XS to use snapchat, read news and other stuff

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Just finished a 5h flight on my 2018 iPad pro, started at 100% now down to 45%. IPad all the way

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The iPad pro. By far the best IF experience for a stand alone tablet. Battery is very very good. Just look up the size and you’ll see how good it is


Indeed it is, pleasure to fly on

I agree that the iPad Pro is so good to fly on

Both the iPhone and iPad are about the same. I would not trust my iPhone for long hauls though, but I did hear if you turn your brightness down and turn low power mode on once you reach cruise, it helps :) . I have done that with three long hauls on my iPad, and kept it on the charger and it was just fine :)

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The iPad Pro is great for IF. Mine uses around 10% battery per hour with the brightness up a fair amount.


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