iPhone Telephoto Lens Test Spotting

I got this new scope that attaches to my phone for Christmas, which zooms in 18x. I decided to test it out immediately after I got it. It managed to catch an ERJ-145XR quite well.

This is the scope.

Here’s what I caught. Quite impressive I would say.

I plan on using this to spot at BWI and DCA one day (when the weather is warmer. It’s downright cold!!!). I can’t wait!


That is awesome! Nice photo Nate!!

What altitude was that aircraft at?


3000ft on approach… 😂

It’s definitely in the region of 250-350, to be creating contrails.

P.s. Nate, before I actually read what you’d put I thought you were about to tell us that you experience karaoke for the first time haha

Karaoke? Now that’s the last thing I would expect.

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I thought the lense was a PS or Xbox one microphone lol

Nice! Do you know what MM it goes up to? (ex 300, 500, etc.)

Hmmmm… I may have to look up on it. I don’t know

Awesome photo buddy!

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Hey, that’s pretty cool!

Clicks the order button

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Speaking of order button, here it is if you want it.

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